I am irina sterna. My mission is to be fulfilled and inspired by my work and inspire othes to be fullfilled with their work. I am committed to moving from wave to wave with a sense of honest openness and enough edge to constantly evolve my skills as a storyteller and digital media creative.


What inspires me is to explore the freedom and aesthetic of visual things. It is the essence of my soul.

What drives me is to help people go forward, evolve their whole potential and make it possible to do their thing.


I love to see the beauty and essence in everything, capture and discover things you might not have seen yet. Finding a way to express this soul, this inner spirit. With the means of creativity, I am transforming essence into tangible communication.


My work is an expression of my love for creating beautiful communication by creating and relating the dots and pieces. 

Make them work as a holistic piece. Helping elevate their meaning and influence.


I love doing yoga and traveling. I believe dreams are the rocks we should build our reality on. Following them until they are real. With the help and support of each other, All out there is possible – if it sets our soul on fire – we should pursue it together.

Let’s talk!


Irina Sterna