Giving value

Building customer loyalty is about more than having a Facebook page. It is about producing relevant and engaging content that matters. We want to create content that promotes dialogue, interactivity, and value exchange. Our social media strategy maximizes your brand awareness and drives traffic to landing pages and will increase your sales.

Social media is a large and varied landscape with a multitude of channels you can use to reach out to your audience. Working through this web of connections can often be confusing and daunting. I can help you create a social media strategy to reach and influence your clients. Your audience is unique, so we will identify the best channels for your brand or project.

While you don’t need to be everywhere, there are likely many channels your audience frequents that you haven’t considered, or even discovered, yet. You may have a presence on some of these channels, but not be fully leveraging the tools available to connect with your audience. We will define the social media channels that your audience visits. From there, we start with your brand presence and create strategies to drive brand awareness and engagement through those channels.

Identifying the appropriate channels in which to build your brand presence is a vital first step in your social media strategy. I can help you with the next step, too: building content that connects with your customer. Today’s consumer expects to connect with your business. We focus on creating content that speaks to your audience’s desire to establish a relationship and open a dialogue with your company, while directing traffic to important areas that drive customer conversion and sales for your business.

 There’s an art of social media influence. We will become the next DaVinci.